Meaningful Conversation

When did it become so difficult to have a decent conversation with somebody? People would rather sit in their eco chambers and regurgitate the same thoughts and opinions fearful that they may encounter a new idea that would deviate from their ideology. Approach anybody these days and try to expand their simple media controlled minds and you will be met with harsh backlash and perhaps even shunned. Why even asking a question that hedges that your opinion sightly differs from the “official narrative” will surely result in you being labelled a conspiracy theorists. A term literally invented by the powers to be to discredit anyone that questions their narrative.

When did an honest exchange of ideas, or what used to be called a debate, turn into an argument resulting in flared tempers and name calling? Expose anybody these days with facts and logic that differs from their own and they will become even more steadfast in their original beliefs. Draw anyone’s attention from their mobile phones for more than 30 seconds and present them with a new thought or idea and you will instantly be laughed at and mocked by the collective. The hive mind if you will.

Ask yourself when was the last time you came out of a conversation having acquired a new understanding of the topic that you once never thought possible? The purest form of conversation is not talking AT somebody, or being spoken TO. That falls under the definition of a lecture. The purest form of conversation involves both parties learning something new as well and discrediting something they previously believed. This is going to be a hard pill for many people to swallow but it might entirely be possible that the person you are speaking to may actually know something you don’t already know. This may be an even harder pill for most to swallow but it is entirely possible that someone has an opinion that is entirely different from your own. And here’s the real ball breaker, when it comes to opinions there are no right or wrong ones. Why even converse with anybody in the current landscape?

With very little to benefit why risk the possibility of offending and enduring the backlash that comes with it. Why would anybody talk about anything other than the token idle chit-chat that has now taken place around the water cooler? What are you watching on Netflix? How’s your sporting team doing? And of course let’s engage in the daily 2 minutes hate of whatever political leader the current media establishment is at arms with. Walk into any break room of an office and you will be meet with vapid meaningless discussion from drones barely able to hold gaze with you from more than 30 seconds without retreating to their mobile devices where they will no doubt be in the process of consuming some form of media that is 100% in line with their view of the world.

When was the last time a group of men “sorry ladies but you can’t do politics” were able to sit in a quiet bar and discuss some of the problems of the world and actually come to an agreement on how to make things better? I challenge you even find a person that hasn’t yet been completely swallowed by the void for some meaningful interaction. The numbers are growing smaller every day.

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